Last update: Aug 1, 2012


Chrome – My favorite browser hands down- even if Google is keeping track of all of my personal data. It also keeps track of all of your extensions, bookmarks, and more on all of the computers you sign in on.

FireFox РMy secondary browser  Рthere are some plugins and tools that are Firefox specific.

Cloud-based Software

Affiliate Marketing Networks:

Competitive Intelligence: – Find out how much a website is worth, how much they are making with ads, not always accurate, but a decent estimate. – Have a shared hosting account? See who else is on it.

Computer Programs:

7zip – My all in one zip program, its free and does everything.

Market Research:

Creating Advertisements: – Create your own infomercial

Pay Per Click: – List of Negative Keywords

Social Networking: – Meet in smaller local groups – Organize contests on Facebook, Ning, Twitter, etc…

Web Design: – Curious on what internet surfers see?

Musician’s Friend:

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